Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Brynovsky - Time is Now gets a release date

Air Street Records have set a release date for Time is Now for 10th January 2014. We are very excited that it will finally get an airing, we've been working on it for a good while and can't wait to share it.

So what is Time is Now? It's a 12 track LP on Digipack CD available via our website and various stores like Amazon. If we get a few sales and some decent radio play the label will get CDs into the right stores in whatever country. It will also be available for download and streaming at our website and at all those places like Spotify and iTunes.

Contained on it are previously the released tracks Put the Baby Down to Sleep, City of Lights, Pretender and Shining Light. People have asked about the variety of music styles in our songs. Although they all have the common thread of Leroy and Idana singing and the bass driven tracks, the other 8 tracks all have their own moods and we reckon there's plenty of surprises in there for people already following us.

By following us on Twitter or Facebook you can keep up to date with any sneak previews, freebies, gigs and news.

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Brynovsky on the Escalator

OK, a lot has happened in the last few weeks since we released our single but the last week has been a bit crazy so here's what's happened.

  1. I submitted Put the Baby Down to Sleep to the Fresh on the Net for consideration and it was picked out for their Listening Post.
  2. That resulted in loads of people getting in touch, liking it and being very nice about our music which eventually led to an very nice feature with a review and article.
  3. It also resulted in Tom Robinson of TRB fame (the mastermind behind FOTN) saying that we were a "splendid recent FOTN discovery".
  4. Then Tom decided to put us on his weekly mixtape which was broadcast on BBC 6 Music and can also be downloaded as a podcast.
  5. Since then things have been very busy and it seems that more than just a few people like our music. Which is a good thing! As I have spread the word about our progress, more influential people have got in touch and said some incredibly nice things about us and I have put some of them on our press page for all to see.
So I would like to advise any bands or musicians if you have any music that you think is pretty good, whatever style, wait until you think it's great, then submit it to Fresh on the Net (do your homework first and read the info on the website) and they will listen to the track. They get about 150 tracks every week! But yours will stand out if it's really good. 

I think it's so good that I have started voting there too and I'm amazed at the amount of great music being produced.

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Our First Single Out Now

Our first single has just been released for digital download. City of Lights is a stompy one with Leroy singing lead vocal and a big dub ending - we're thinking about putting it at the front of the album. Put the Baby Down to Sleep is more of a straight reggae track with Idana on lead vocal.

You can download this double A-side from most online stores, hear it on Spotify etc but watch out for iTunes, they have got the pricing completely wrong for the bundle. I hope they're gonna fix it soon.

UPDATE: They fixed it, 2 tracks for £1.29!!!